About us

Purpose: Provide useful web-based functions and assistance to Diabetics.
History: This site began as a personal learning project. As the personal project increased in functionality, it became obvious that these useful functions should be available to more than one person. All the time for development of these pages were doen after hours as a personal project. So be patient with any request that you submit for more functions. Any errors that are encountered with the current functions will receive the highest priority. Every effort will be made to respond and address issues within a reasonable amount of time after submittal (bear in mind this is all donated time). Hopefully in the future more resources will be made available as this website grows in users and size. Your patience and patronage is greatly appreciated.

This GlucoWeb site is entirely a personal project and site. No informaiton will be made available to third parties. No payments are made to GlucoWeb by other parties for purposes of advertising. The links provided are verified on a regular basis by the webmaster and are meant for informational purposes only.

Any medical related discussion on this site is not intended for review only and not to be considered a replacement or substitute for qualified medical advice from credentialed professionals. Please check with a healthcare professional prior to following and advice or recommendations mentioned in the message boards, chats, or other areas of this website. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the webmaster@glucoweb.net

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About Me

“Hi my name is Cedron (Ron) Swain. This site is the product of learning and experimenting with ideas and concepts for other web projects. Being a diabetic (diagnosed in 1995, pumping for almost 2 years), I choose diabetes as the focal point for my learning. As these experimentations and concepts began to gel, a useful set of tools and functions related to diabetes developed. I decided to further customize all these tools and place them in one toolbox. My personal website, the GlucoWeb, was born. As I began to use these tools more and more (and with encouragement from my wife) I decided to explore the probabilities of expanding the user base of the website to other diabetics. Although, most of the development time and effort for maintaining and expanding GlucoWeb is donated; I am thankful for the support of my friends and family who have encouraged me along the way. Below are brief comments and credits to those who assisted in the creation and maintanance of GlucoWeb.
You can view my resume Here

Elizabeth (Beth) Swain – My wife Beth has been a wonderful supporter of my efforts in building this site. She has helped me test some of the different features of the site and pointed out the flaws so I could correct them before any strangers who use the site found them. THANKS BABE!!

Roger Shawn Malone – Shawn assisted greatly in some of the functionality and appearance of the website. He encouraged me in using ColdFusion in the web development area.

Roger Viton – Roger has been a great mentor of mine in the areas of programming and application development. He is a wonderful resource of information and knowledge in this field. Not to mention an awesome dancer and avid boater.

I hope other Diabetics will find the tools as useful and easy to use as I do. I am always accepting comments and suggestions concerning the website. Please feel free to let me know how you feel about GlucoWeb!